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ZÜE Engineering launches 9V Backpack power adapterI was recently contacted by ZÜE Engineering to see if I wanted to check out their 9v backpack power adapters for guitar pedals. Of course I would be interested in these!

After receiving the units, I have to admit, I was a little puzzled. Basically it’s a way to connect to the 9v adapter on pedals with a 9v battery. My first reaction, was why wouldn’t I put a battery in the pedal.. or why wouldn’t I just power it up with a power supply? I then thought about certain occasions when these would have been nice, and it started to make great sense.

One time at a show I was dealing with weird power and incredible hum issues. Plugging straight into the amp, things were quiet. So what I did was pull out one pedal out at a time until I isolated the problem. The problem was related to an older Boss BF-2 and my One Spot. Now, if I had this unit, I could have easily tested the power on the pedals. I could also use the backpack to pull that pedal out of the One Spot and power it up for the show.

I always carry backup 9v batteries, but generally power all pedals with central power. Sometimes you like to try new pedals outside of the board, which goes beyond the reach of the power supply, but maybe you’re even out of plugs. Normally I would search for a single adapter or use a battery to test the new pedal in the line. With Boss, Fulltone or T-Rex pedals, swapping the battery is easy, but with so many of the boutique pedals out there, that would involve unscrewing 4 screws to get in the enclosure. With the 9v Backpack, you could easily and quickly power a pedal for quick testing.

Units are tiny and are easy to keep in your guitar case!

Here is the official press release by ZÜE Engineering

Chicago, IL (August 25, 2015): The 9V Backpack external power adapter had created a huge buzz when it was used in the demonstration of the “On TIMER” pedal by ZÜE Engineering. Thus, the 9V Backpack product has been launched and has been called a must have for musicians. It has been deemed as one of the most convenient back up devices accounting for a full supply of power. The most interesting aspects of this device are that it is time efficient and it is easy to use.

The 9V Backpack has been said to come in handy in several ways:

  • When it comes to live situations its ability to supply instant battery power to guitar pedals without having to open up effect pedals is a huge plus point. Its battery power is fast through the AC power point.
  • It can also be efficiently used to create the SAG effect in when playing through a fuzz or overdrive pedal. All one needs to do is put an older power battery in the 9V Backpack and under power the fuzz or overdrive pedal.
  • 9V Backpacks can also come in handy to musicians when they have power issues with the pedal board. The device can be used as ‘battery override’ which is nothing but another plus to the whole device.

ZÜE Engineering launches 9V Backpack power adapter

There are two styles of 9V Backpacks: The Right Angle 9V Backpack and the Straight 9V Backpack. While both of them hold a nine volt battery, the Right Angle 9V Backpack uses a clip attached to the battery plug while the Straight 9V Backpack does not. 9V Backpacks have a center negative polarity that is compatible with most effect pedals. For ease of handling and strength, the first two inches from the barrel plug are triple insulated with rigid shielding.

About the company: ZÜE Engineering was founded by members who came together from various kinds of industries in 2013 and has since its advent devoted itself into launching few of the most capable devices. With its headquarters in Chicago, the ZÜE Engineering has worked to provide the market with innovative solutions.

9v Backpacks are available directly through their site, and are selling for $24.99 for a 3 pack of backpacks. They offer 2 styles of backups, the right angle and straight plug option. You can purchase a mixed set.

So the great people at Zue gave me 2 sets. Well.. I want one set for myself. For the other set, I want to break it up and send an individual unit to 3 different people as a give away. As you know, well hopefully you know I’m having a give away for the Idiot Box Blower Box running right now, I don’t normally have two simultaneous give aways – but what the hell.. let’s do it.

Just fill out the form below, and I’ll select three random entries in a couple of days.


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ZÜE Engineering launches 9V Backpack power adapter
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