Jan 011970

The AC/RC-OZ Oz Noy limited edition pedal from Xotic Effects encapsulates two classic Xotic Effects pedals in one box—the AC Booster and RC Booster.

Custom tailored to Oz’s preferences, the AC/RC-OZ provides silky smooth amp-like tone with plenty of boost that delivers a magically huge sound.

Engaging the AC Booster channel produces classic AC Booster tones with improved circuitry for gain that ranges from minimal overdrive to gritty distortion. Kicking on the RC channel drives the front of the AC channel (exactly how Oz sets it up on his pedalboard) for added harmonics, gain and presence. Each channel features a 2-band EQ with LED activation to indicate that the channel is engaged.

Guitarist Oz Noy says, “The magic really happens when you play the RC into the AC because that’s when you get a really big sound!”

As an internationally acclaimed guitarist, Oz Noy has been using the AC and RC Boosters since they were first introduced to the market in 2002. They have been a mainstay on his pedalboard and part of his signature sound for many years.

AC/RC-OZ Specs:
• Stackable gain channels
• Can be run at 9v or 18v (for more headroom)
• 2 band EQ per channel with LED activated knobs
• MSRP: $245, Street Price: $196

Check out a demo video below, and visit xotic.us to find out more.

Xotic Effects Unveils Limited Edition Oz Noy Boost/Overdrive Pedal
Source: Guitar World