Nov 232015

Below, check out a new (November 21) Facebook video that is certainly on the road to viral status.

The video, which comes to us from the Redeemed Page on Facebook, shows Nicole D “Nikki” Brown of the Quartet Girls completely wailing on a steel guitar during an absolutely awesome church service.

At the clip’s :47 mark, she goes all “1966 Pete Townshend” on her guitar, jamming it up against the stand the guitar rests on. After she puts the guitar back on its stand (:53), she plays some of the solo’s best and most stirring lines—all while dancing and looking like she’s having an incredible time.

The entire clip is about a minute and a half long.


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This!!!!! Quartet Girls Rock!!!!! This is only a portion of the awesome experience on tonight! You had to be there!

Posted by Redeemed Page on Saturday, November 21, 2015

Woman Rocks Out on Steel Guitar at Church Service — Video
Source: Guitar World