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According to multiple news sources, Lana Rae Meisner, 63,  the wife of Randy Meisner, a founding member of the Eagles, was found shot to death at the couple’s home in Studio City, California, Sunday (March 6). 

It is still unclear how Lana Rae was killed.

According to RadarOnline, Randy Meisner told police his wife was shot by accident as she searched for something in a closet at their home.

“Randy seemed to be in shock,” Page Six adds, “and wasn’t even able to acknowledge that Lana Rae was dead from a gunshot wound.”

Law enforcement had been to the Meisner home earlier that evening; Lana Rae allegedly called 911 to report a domestic-violence incident, according to TMZ, which adds that she accused the founding Eagles bassist of “acting erratically.” About an hour and a half later, Randy Meisner called to say his wife had gone into another room when he heard a shot, according to multiple sources.

RadarOnline also has quoted an unnamed law-enforcement source. According to him/her, Meisner told the police his wife “was stumbling around, looking for something in a closet where there were two guns. She was looking for something in the hall closet, and Randy told cops one of the guns was falling and in the process, Lana Rae caught it and it ended up blowing her head apart.”

Meisner quit the Eagles in 1977. He was known for his incredibly high singing voice, which graces several Eagles tracks, including “Take It to the Limit.” Meisner wrote the song with Don Henley and Glenn Frey, who died in January at age 67.  

Meisner was replaced in the Eagles by Timothy B. Schmit.

Wife of Eagles Co-Founder Randy Meisner Found Dead
Source: Guitar World