Jun 292017

Why buy a wah?I saw this the other day and I thought it would be fun to post. MotorGoblin posted his “Poor Man’s Wah” to achieve the manual sound of a way pedal with some string, a beard, a toe and a 5 way selector switch on his Strat. I know this is limited to a few beard-capable individuals out there. But I’m sure others can get creative.

This video did take me back to my early days of guitar when pedals were harder to get and expensive, and trying to figure out ways to make the guitar sound a certain way with what you had on hand. Please comment below if you’ve put together some oddball pieces to achieve a sound or effects for fun or recording?


Before I get a bunch of comments about this isn’t practical, you wouldn’t do this yourself, etc. I know.. just having a chuckle with my morning coffee this morning!

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Why buy a wah?
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