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Some of you might recognize Steve Stine, the guitarist in the July 2016 video below, from his many lessons (which include tab and video) on GuitarWorld.com (click here to see ’em all).

But even if you don’t, we think you’ll enjoy this video pretty handy; if nothing else, it shows why he’s one of the most accomplished and talented guitar instructors on YouTube (We’re also pretty fond of our own Jimmy Brown).

The clip is called “One Weird Trick to Memorizing Pentatonic Patterns,” and, as one viewer puts it on YouTube, it’s really kind of ingenious.

“It’s not as hard as you think it is if you start learning to visualize each one of these five patterns as two groups of 1-4 and three groups of 1-3,” Stine says in the clip. “That’s all they ever are.” To find out what exactly he’s talking about, check out the clip. To download tabs for this lesson, head here. You’ll have to enter your email address.

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Weird Trick to Help You Memorize Pentatonic Patterns
Source: Guitar World