Jan 011970

A hilarious new video is making the rounds in guitar land, and you can check it out below.

The clip, which was posted to Facebook earlier this month by Richard Daude, masterfully combines actual live 1993 footage of B.B. King and Lucille (his trusty Gibson guitar) with the arpeggiated, neo-classical sounds of Yngiwe Malmsteen—or at least a semi-dedicated Yngwie impersonator.

The heavily edited clip features several enjoyable highlights, including the way King’s trademark finger vibrato and on-the-fly string tuning are made to sound like signature Malmsteen flourishes—and the way King’s backing band sways to the infectious Malmsteen beat.

As one Facebook commenter puts it, “This is so wrong on so many levels.” With that in mind, enjoy!

P.S.: The footage used in the parody video is from King’s 1993 performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival; we’ve includied “Caledonia” from that show (bottom video).

Watch B.B. King "Shred" Like Yngwie Malmsteen
Source: Guitar World