Aug 172018

Below, check out this video of the AK47 guitar, a.k.a. the Gattar.

The well-shot video—no pun intended—is particularly cool because it shows exactly how the guitar was made, from start to finish, including closeups of the tools, wood and construction methods involved in the process.

The guitar was built by Jimmy DiResta, who made it for Wyclef Jean, the Haitian/American rapper, singer/songwriter and producer. The guitar features a “trigger” whammy bar as well as what appears to be a mini harp section, on the AK47 magazine. When you’re done, check out this clip of Jean playing and discussing the DiResta guitar.

For more about DiResta and his guitars, visit his webpage.

Watch as Luthier Builds the DiResta AK47 Guitar
Source: Guitar Player