Dec 182017

AC/DC’s Angus Young performs September 14, 2016, at New York’s Madison Square Garden. posts top-10 “list” videos about just about everything. They’ve done lists about spaceships, other kinds of ships, explosions, deaths you didn’t see coming, theme parks, nice robots, evil robots, robots that die and make you sad, skyscrapers, zombies, sexy aliens…you get the idea. They do a lot of lists.

Sometimes, they even do lists about guitars and guitarists.

For instance, there’s The Top 10 Guitar Models of All Time—and who can forget The Top 10 Heavy Metal Guitar Riffs of All Time? To be honest, I forgot it.

Anyway, earlier this year, crew posted a very guitar-centric video, The Top 10 Easiest Famous Songs to Play on the Guitar. I guess you could call it the sequel to The Top 10 Hardest Rock Songs to Play on Guitar, which was posted in November 2016. 

The list includes songs by Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Bob Dylan, Deep Purple, Nirvana, Oasis, Green Day and, well, just check out the quick video below. And, of course, tell us what you think about their choices!

Top 10 Easiest Famous Songs to Play on the Guitar
Source: Guitar World