Sep 282015

Tonally Awesome - Melvins and FuzzI saw this when it came out in August, and had it on my ‘to-do’ list to post here. I’m a fan of the Melvins, so this was quite entertaining. Here we have Dale Crover and King Buzzo “demo” a couple of fuzz pedals. The fuzz pedals up for demo are the Death by Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun and the ZVex Fuzz Factory. This was originally posted on Vice. It’s a questionable demo methodology, but you have to admit.. you’ve done it before.. right?

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So cranking the knobs all the way can be fun. Stacking fuzzes can be fun. Have you guys done anything similar with other styles of pedals with unexpected results? Let me know by commenting below!


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Tonally Awesome – Melvins and Fuzz
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