Nov 252015

I can’t get over this super give away bundle that I have going on right now. YOU NEED TO ENTER! The fine folks at Thunder Road Guitars and the Bass Shop Seattle have combined forces in a physical location in one of my favorite cities – Seattle, Washington. To celebrate, they have put together a pile of goods to give away… to you! And when I say a pile, I’m talking $1500 worth of cool gear.Thunder Road Guitars / Bass Shop Seattle Give Away - ReminderFor this give away, the following is up for grabs! This is fantastic!

Danelectro ’63 Electric Guitar
JHS Emperor Chorus / Vibrato
Pigtronix Bass Envelope Phaser
Dunlop Crybaby Wah
Box of Dunlop Bass Strings
Box of Dunlop Guitar Strings
Box of Dunlop picks

Since we have such a group of gear, I thought I would split things up across multiple networks. The first group will be the Danelectro ’63 Electric Guitar and a Box of Dunlop Guitar Strings. This give away is available through Instagram. Super easy to enter. If you were smart.. you need to enter both give aways.

The second group is for the Pigtronix Bass Envelope Phaser, Dunlop Crybaby Wah, Box of Dunlop Bass Strings, Box of Dunlop Picks. This is a standard give away with entry form. There is a bonus prize associated with this. If you ‘like’ Thunder Road Guitars and The Bass Shop Seattle on Facebook AND you’re chosen as the winner – you’ll also win the JHS Emperor Chorus / Vibrato. So absolutely no-brainer to like these two pages when you enter!

Now, time is running out to enter. This give away officially closes on November 28th. Okay.. you ready to enter? Full details and instructions are here. Please help spread the word by sharing, retweeting, reposting this give away!

Also, want to say thanks again to Frank at Thunder Road Guitars and Chad at the Bass Shop Seattle for their generous give away! Thank you, thank you thank you!

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Thunder Road Guitars / Bass Shop Seattle Give Away – Reminder
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