Jan 262017

I totally forgot about this. I had it written down to talk about this, but over time, it was pushed further and further down, but today I was reminded! Janek G. over at Facebook, posted this insanely cool photo of his pedal wall.

The Pedal WallThis is what Janek said:

Cleaning up the #pedallibrary and making some new sounds for the solo record… Need to get the rest of them out of the boxes and up on the wall somehow! #nooffseason

Initially, I was really focused on the level of awesome of pedals. Specifically, I loved seeing the old Russian Muffs and the Moogs. That immediately led me to the visual appeal of this set up. To me, it’s incredibly nice on the eyes, and can really appreciate a wall to show off pedals not in use. I think recording studios would love something like this. For me I have a series of shelves (like a bookcase), where they lay flat. Not that cool. Hard to see, etc. I can really see the benefit of putting my not-used pedals on display – save some space, and make things a little bit cooler.

Do it yourself?

So I wanted to do some digging. Janek mentioned they were photo shelves. Based on the dimensions, I think these are 45″ long with a 4 3/4″ depth. I found a bunch of options, colors and sizes over at Amazon that might work well for this project if you’re interested (like me) to put something together. Shelves are hitting the $15 – $30 range. So it could add up. But overall, I think the presentation would be super cool.

Let me know what you think by commenting below!

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The Pedal Wall
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