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The Captain Meets - Reeves GabrelsI’ve been excited to write this post for a while. About a week ago, I saw this video featuring The Captain of Andertons Music interviewing Reeves Gabrels of The Cure / David Bowie / Tin Machine / Reeves Gabrels and His Imaginary Friends, etc.

Usually, these videos are pretty short and don’t go too deep, but this video was quite different and grabbed my attention immediately. Clocking in at just over an hour, we go into the deeper areas of Reeves’ mind.

Reeves is definitely one of my guitar heroes going way back. I remember reading about him in issues of Guitar Player magazine when I was quite young. I won’t got into details as to when, because I’m realizing I’m getting closer to the age of dirt these days. When I heard about Reeves signing on to The Cure, I was quite skeptical. The Cure has a ‘loose’ vibe, and when I think of Reeve’s I think of extreme technical precision to chaotic explosive unpredictable guitar. The Cure can go into these two camps, but they float in the middle. It almost reminded me of Johnny Marr signing on to Modest Mouse. Just like Marr, Reeves fits perfectly in The Cure, and I was an idiot doubting that he would.

I loved that this video interview dives into his logic about guitar. What got him on that path, and a little insight on what he’s striving for in the sense of guitar playing. It was refreshing and brilliantly insightful to hear him talk about guitar in this way. Check it out

The later half of the video talks about his Reverend Guitars.  I have to admit that his signature guitars are on my list to explore. I wasn’t too much of a Reverend backer a few years ago, but I’m seeing them more and more, and even had a chance to play a few. Their quality is high, the price point is great. I’ve yet to play a Reeves model, but I would LOVE to get my hands on a Reeves Gabrels Spacehawk. Especially hearing about his tweaks and recommendations.

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The Captain Meets – Reeves Gabrels
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