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Post written by: Mark Johnson

The Best Gifts for Guitarists

…or if you can’t see what you want, browse guitar products on our website here. You can filter by category and price to find the perfect gift!

A Tuner

Every Guitarist needs a tuner no matter the level of experience. Even professional guitarists tune to a good tuner between every take when recording in the studio to make sure everythign is bang on! And if it’s good enough for the pros then it’s good enough for the rest of us!

Tuners come in a few different guises. You could have a desktop one like this Boss TU-80. A clip-on tuner that attaches to your guitar, like this Snark Tuner, or The best gift for an experienced guitarist, the TC Electronic Polytune gives you a read out of all 6 strings at the same time and what’s more this one is so small it will squeeze onto even the tightest of pedalboards. Tuners don’t get much more advanced than this (without costing silly money!) so any experienced guitarist will appreciate fast efficient tuning on a tiny pedal!

Check out our range of Tuners here!

A Capo

Any guitarist who doesn’t have a Capo in their guitar case is missing out. Not only is it a great tool for transposing a song without having to adapt, a capo also opens your guitar up to different tonalities. You can get cheap and cheerful capos for less than a drink at the pub. However it’s worth investing £10-20 quid. Not only will it be better at fretting the strings for a clean and clear sound, better capos have a clamping design that’s easier to take on and off. Check out our range of Capos!

Grip Exercise Gadget

In the days of old, grip trainers were a little one dimensional and didn’t always give a balanced workout to the hand. However Planet Waves new VariGrip can be adjusted and used in a number of different ways to work out fingers individually and various other muscles in the hand. Perfect for the guitarist that’s looking for any way to improve their speed and technique! A great gift for rock and metal guitarists that really need that extra dexterity!

A Premium Guitar Strap

A Guitar strap is an essential bit of gear for any guitarist but many settle for cheaper nylon straps. We can guarantee that no guitarist is going to be disappointed receiving a good quality leather or neoprene strap as a gift! Leather straps look fantastic, are hard wearing and even look better the older they get! Neoprene straps on the other hand are stretchy which allows for better weight distribution. For the ultimate luxury look out for straps that also include memory foam! Check out our full range of guitar straps.

A Cable for Life

A cable should be for life not just for… well the great news is that our Whirlwind cables come with a lifetime warranty! The Elite series have that awesome ‘toaster lead’ fabric weave coating that doesn’t get sticky like rubber coated cables and has premium connectors for the best sound. Just tell the Guitarist to keep hold of the packaging and if it ever fails they can bring it in to Andertons for a free replacement!

A Cleaning Kit

What do you get the guitarist that already has their pride and joy instrument?

How about a pro cleaning kit to keep it in showroom condition! This Dunlop kit has absolute everything needed from body polish to fretboard lubricant and a cloth so they can use it right away!

A DIY Guitar Toolkit

If you’re a guitarist who wants to keep their guitar in tip top condition and have the confidence to do your own setups, then a full guitar kit with dedicated tools is invaluable. Cruz Tools do a number of high quality tech kits and tools, so that you don’t have to go digging in your shed to find a grubby screwdriver that may or may not do the job properly! Check Cruz Tools out Here

An iPhone Guitar Interface

Where would a list of best gifts be without some sort of gadget? A Guitar interface can turn your iOS device into an amp simulator that lets you practise anywhere you go! Load up your favourite app and start jamming with a wide range of different amps, or start recording your EP! The perfect gift for a guitarist gadget lover with an iPhone or iPad!

A New Effects Pedal

Guitarists, on the whole tend to like collecting! Most guitarists can’t just stop at one guitar- they just have to build a collection. Except that budgets don’t always stretch to that one extra guitar.

In comparison, effects pedals are the perfect collective material for guitarists. They’re not all so expensive that you can’t justify the purchase of a new one, and there’s plenty of choice to grow a sizable collection!

If you’re looking for something on a budget, the Tone City pedal lineup offer compact effects at some seriously reasonable prices. If you want something more fancy and you have an idea of what effect you’re looking for, we have a fantastic range of pedals available. Check out our Compact effects Pedals.

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The Best Gifts for Guitarists
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