Apr 172019

TC Electronic 3 Mini, 3 Noir pedals

TC Electronic has announced its new 3 Mini and 3 Noir PolyTune pedals.

The two pedals feature new, smaller designs and come with a choice of polyphonic, chromatic or strobe tuning modes. The pedals also have a new—for when you’re not muted or playing—”always-on” mode for tuning.

The pedals are built with a 108-LED display, a built-in Bonafide Buffer and two dipswitches mounted on the side of the pedals, letting users choose between buffered and true bypass.

The prices for the TC Electronic 3 Mini and 3 Noir PolyTune pedals are not yet available.

For more information on the pedals, head on over to tcelectronic.com.

TC Electronic Unveils New PolyTune 3 Mini and 3 Noir Tuning Pedals
Source: Guitar Player