Jan 011970

Earlier today, Rob Scallon—one of the most popular and talented members of the world’s growing online guitar community—posted a helpful video dedicated to helping players choose the string gague that works for them.

You can check out the clip, titled “String Gauges 101,” below. Bear in mind, this is clearly a “101”-style video, so Scallon covers a lot of very basic, but still helpful, information.

Since we’re on the topic, let me recommend the little-known 9.5 string gague. It’s exactly what it sound like—a gague that’s right between .009 and .010. I typically use .010’s, but they never really worked on my very-vintage-spec (baseball-bat-necked) Tele. Since going down to .009’s would be ridiculous (they are, after all, rubber bands), I tried 9.5’s, based on a friend’s recommendation. They’re exactly what this particular guitar needed; it’s now my go-to guitar, my most-playable ax by far. They’re a little on the “9” side, but when weighed against the factors, it all works perfectly. 

I’m not sure why more companies don’t make 9.5-gague strings, but D’Addario makes a very nice set or two.

Anyway, that’s all from me. Check out the video!

String Gauges 101: How to Choose the Right Guitar Strings
Source: Guitar World