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I was stoked when I opened up the mail and there was a package from SoundBrut. That package traveled from Sweden to Montana – a great journey. And inside that box was the SoundBrut VA, which is a fantastic sounding MOSFET boost featuring the varitone circuit which I’ll mention below.

Now, I had a chance to play SoundBrut DRVA about a year ago, which is a dual function pedal that contains the VA, but also the DR side which features the hard clipping circuit using a NE5534 OpAmp. You can read about that here – “SoundBrut DrVa Overdrive/Varitone Boost

SoundBrut VA – MOSFET Boost

SoundBrut VA - MOSFET BoostThe SoundBrut Va is a MOSFET boost with a Varitone circuit (seen in old Gibson ES-345 guitars). You can learn more about the Varitone with the ES-345 here. The Varitone is controlled via 6 way selector (little different than a traditional pot) and that selector manages a variety of capacitors giving you multiple EQ filters. Controls also include Boost and 3 way Q selector.

Again, I was super pleased with this pedal. Check this out:

Here are the features for SoundBrut VA:

  • MOSFET boost (max 30 dB*)
  • True bypass
  • Custom Varitone tone circuit
  • 112 x 60 (mm) / 4.40 x 2.38 (Inches)
  • Silent (popless) 6-way selector
  • Runs on 9V DC power
  • No battery compartment


If you’re liking what the SoundBrut VA is all about, you can purchase the SoundBrut VA from their Reveb.com store. It’s available for $145. Let me know what you think by commenting below!


Stockholm-based effects pedal company SoundBrut, is founded by Ozum Itez and Hazar Mutgan of the psychedelic rock band Hayvanlar Alemi.

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SoundBrut VA – MOSFET Boost
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