Jun 122017

SoundBrut DrVa Overdrive / MOSFET Boost Give Away!I really enjoy builders that are starting out and might not be as well known. As a player, it’s also exciting and cool to have something on the board, where everyone is going to say.. “what is that?” But most importantly, the pedal just simply sounds good. For this give away, we are working with SoundBrut who are based out of Stockholm, Sweden and put together this great pedal – DrVa.

I had the privilege to give this guy a test drive, and I really liked this pedal. You can read about my thought here: SoundBrut introduces DrVa overdrive + boost. The fine people at SoundBrut were kind enough to spin this into a give away, so you.. yeah you, a lucky and loyal reader of Effects Bay can have an opportunity to walk away with this pedal!

SoundBrut DrVa Overdrive / MOSFET Boost Give Away!

Now before I get to the give away, I would like to send out a special “thank you” to the awesome dudes at SoundBrut. Please take a moment to follow SoundBrut on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

This give away is open to international submissions. US winners will receive the pedal with free shipping, but if you’re selected as the winner AND international, we are asking that you pay for shipping.

Be sure to submit bonus entries after your entry to gain additional opportunities to increase your odds!

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This is a great give away! The SoundBrut DrVa retails for $175! Additionally, I’m giving away a pair of 8″ Rattlesnake Cable Company Flex Patch cables – Increasing the retail value to $195. This give away will start today and run until June 19th, 2017 at 11:59PM MST. Don’t miss out on this one, and please help spread the word! We all love free gear, and making these give aways fun and successful for everyone!

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SoundBrut DrVa Overdrive / MOSFET Boost Give Away!
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