Jan 272018

[Shown above: A one-of-a-kind “pinball” guitar and amp by the Fender Custom Shop.]

January obviously kicks off a brand new year, and it’s also the time for the big winter NAMM show, where practically every manufacturer debuts their upcoming products for the press, dealers, distributors, artists, and, well, other manufacturers.

For 2018, NAMM added a huge new hall, mostly to incorporate the additional recording- and live-performance products brought in by the show’s premiere “AES@NAMM” partnership. AES shows typically showcase high-end audio gear for professionals, and it’s hoped that the NAMM/AES alliance will help bring the music and audio industries a little closer together. 

The other surprise was guitar giant Gibson opting to participate in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but deciding to bail out of NAMM, where its products would, one thinks, have a bigger impact with musicians and music stores.

What YOU really want, of course, is less industry news and more gear. So here’s how to get hip to the products you’ll likely crave in the coming months…

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Sneak Peeks at New Guitar Gear for 2018!
Source: Guitar Player