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When connected to the Spider 412 cabinet, Spider V 240HC creates a 240-watt stereo half stack with pristine full-range stereo sound and plenty of power for the stage for all types of guitars. Like other members of the Spider V family, it also features a comprehensive collection of amps, cabs and effects models, as well as a built-in Relay G10 wireless receiver.

“For almost 20 years, Spider amps have offered guitarists massive tonal options and groundbreaking features that push the bounds of technology,” said Marcus Ryle, President, Line 6. “Spider V 240HC continues that legacy of innovation and gives performing guitarists the power and flexibility to play loud on stage or practice more quietly at home, without compromising their tone.”

The unique built-in stereo speaker system delivers unmatched versatility. Paired with a 4×12 speaker cabinet, the built-in speakers provide stereo high frequency precision in a massive full-range stage rig. When the gig or rehearsal is over the guitarist can simply unplug the head, take it home and use it stand alone as a recording interface, practice amp or even acoustic guitar amp. Tones created at home naturally translate to the stage.  

Guitarists can even play back their favorite music through the amp thanks to its full-range stereo speakers. Spider V is also the first amp head to offer a built-in wireless receiver.

With the simple addition of a Relay G10T transmitter, guitarists can experience total wireless freedom on stage. Spider V 240HC is packed with a massive collection of tones, including 200 amps, cabs and effects, over 100 handcrafted presets based on legendary studio setups and artist tones and over ten thousand tones in the cloud via the free Spider V Remote mobile app for iOS and Android. An intuitive editing interface makes it fast and easy to dial in great tones, with deep editing functionality and control for creating highly customized sounds.

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Source: Guitar World