Nov 262015

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Post written by: Ben Greener

Save up to £600 On Marshall Amplifiers!

Marshall JVM amps are really well known for producing every historical Marshall tone in one unit. From classic bluesbreakers and plexis to modern modified JCMs  these amps cover every sound you could possibly ever want out of a Marshall.

The best news is that while stocks last you can get your hands on a range of JVM models in a very cool stealth finish with some massive discounts. You can save up to 30% on this Black Friday deal with heads, stacks and combos all available.

But that is not all we have! No we also have some amazing deals on some of the best amps Marshall have ever made from their handwired line. These are the last ones we have in stock and some may have been on display (so do expect some small marks and scratches) but that doesn’t make them sound any less amazing. Available now with up to £600 off there will only be one of each of these available so get your order in now!

Do be warned that once these amps have gone that is it! So if you want to take advantage of this offer makes sure you get your order in quick. I can assure you these will not be around for very long.

The JVM Amps

The Handwired Amps

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Save up to £600 On Marshall Amplifiers!
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