Feb 252016

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Post written by: Ben Greener

Save £150 + Get A Free Pedal with Marshall Class 5!

The Marshall Class 5 originally came out in 2010 and was a small 5w all valve practice amp that was made in the UK. A real premium piece of kit for your home that works great at low to mid volumes. Sadly it was discontinued back in 2012.

That was not the end for the amp however as it came back with a bang a little while ago as the Class 5 Roulette. Finished in Red and Black a limited edition amp eventually turned in to a bit of a bigger production which again is sadly coming to an end.

So to say goodbye to this awesome, vintage inspired amp we have cut the price from £499 to £349 and we are even chucking in a Marshall RF1 Reverb pedal for good measure! In total that is a saving of £229 on the amp and pedal combined!

So if you are interested get your order in quick as these are not going to be around for long at this price.

If you want to hear just how good this amp can sound take a look at this video Wampler made running it with some pedals to get some great sounds. The video is at the top right and side of this page.

The Amps

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Save £150 + Get A Free Pedal with Marshall Class 5!
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