Mar 272018

My band opened up for Screaming Females a few months ago. An absolutely great band, and a great group of human beings. Marissa is SUPER talented. She’s a great player, with a unique style on the guitar and vocally. I totally dig this band.

So I was extremely excited to see this band playing in a small venue in our town to getting o Premiere Guitar’s Rig Rundown.  Check it out:

Not familiar with Screaming Females at all? Check this out..

Here is the break down for Marissa Paternoster

Rig Rundown with Screaming FemalesBoss TU-3 Tuner
MXR M101 Phase 90
Earthquaker Devices Black Eye
Fulltone OCD
Earthbound Audio Super Collider
Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander

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Rig Rundown with Screaming Females
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