Feb 012018

Sessioncake ($69 street) is a solution for guitarists who have nowhere to crank it up when practicing or jamming with friends. One ’Cake provides ¼” and aux mini-stereo inputs, as well as one headphone and two mini-stereo outputs. You can connect a mobile device with an amp and effects-modeling app through the aux input, or play along with your favorite tunes, using the ¼” input for your guitar, and the aux input for a music player device. You can also link up to eight units together for a jam, with the “Me” and “Pan” knobs letting you create your own mix.

To start, I plugged a 1965 Stratocaster into a pedalboard and ran that through a Tech 21 Leeds amp-modeling pedal into the Session-Cake. Everything sounded warm and realistic through my Sony MDR-7506 headphones. Of course, part of the mission of the AA battery-powered ’Cake is portability, and when running my guitar through an IK Multimedia iRig interface, an iPad 2 running Positive Grid’s Bias FX, and then into SessionCake, the unit again proved itself to be a tasty platform for the excellent modeling of the Bias FX app, as well as bass and drums, courtesy of a Thumbjam app.

Yamaha also offers SessionCake SC-02 ($99 street), which has XLR and Hi-Z inputs, and a Gain control for dynamic microphones, so you can add vocalists, keyboardists, and digital instruments to the chain. Either way, SessionCake is a welcome new entry in the silent jamming market.

KUDOS Allows silent solo or group practice sessions. Delivers warm and natural sounds with digital models.
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Review: Yamaha SC-01 Sessioncake
Source: Guitar Player