Jan 192017

Hello all. I wanted to talk about this give away that some of you might be interested in over at Rattlesnake Cable Company. I also wanted to say thanks for the great response and feedback I received on the post about why I started Rattlesnake. As you can imagine, developing a business can be challenging and stressful – especially when you’re family is involved and people depend on you. But it’s also incredibly exciting and rewarding as well. So.. thanks again!

Rattlesnake Cable Company Package Give Away

The Give Away

Okay, over at Rattlesnake, I’m giving away a pair of 15′ Custom Cables. You can pick the cable type – between Standard and Snake head, you pick the weave color, you pick the Neutrik Nickel plug configuration. Also, the winner will receive a super comfy Rattlesnake T-Shirt (size available – Mens – M-XL, Womens M). This give away is open to international entries as well. To get in the on the action go here – Rattlesnake Cable Company Package Give Away.

I’ll stop accepting entries on 1/31st, so be sure to enter before it’s too late!

For more information about our cable and other products, please check out the website! Thanks everyone!

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Rattlesnake Cable Company Give Away
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