Nov 192015

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Post written by: Ben Greener

PRS Launch New SE Baritone Guitars

As alternate tunings are becoming more and more popular people want to experiment with lower tunings that are just not possible on a normal six string. Well not without some monstrous sized strings that require heavy modifying of your guitar. Some people at this route turn to extended range guitars with more strings but others will look towards baritone six stringers.

After releasing a 7 string a few years ago and with their current range of amazing 6 string guitars PRS have now added a Baritone to their SE lineup with the SE 277 and SE 277 Semi Hollow guitars.

By extending the scale length to 27.7″ and setting the standard tuning to B standard you really can easily experiment with some of the weirder guitar tunings and get a tight sound no matter how low down you want to go.

Now even though downtuning is something mainly done in hard rock and metal these Baritone guitars (especially the Semi Hollow version) are incredibly versatile and can easily go from blues and jazz to hard rock tones easily.

These guitars will start appearing in stores soon and will start off at just £699 for the Semi Hollow models with information on the solid body version coming soon.

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PRS Launch New SE Baritone Guitars
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