Dec 052018

PRS Private Stock “Graveyard II”

PRS has unveiled its new McCarty 594 “Graveyard II” Limited Edition model.

The “Graveyard II,” a successor of sorts to the McCarty 594 “Graveyard Limited”—an 80-piece limited edition guitar that was unveiled earlier this year—is a limited-edition McCarty 594 model that utilizes unique maple for the tops. 

That “unique” maple was taken from curly maple trees nestled on the outskirts of a small, mountaintop graveyard somewhere on the East Coast of the United States. Paul Reed Smith believes that the maple taken from these mountaintop trees might be a sort of sub-species of the “Michigan” red maple used on the Les Pauls that were manufactured in Kalamazoo, Michigan in the late Fifties.

The “Graveyard II” features an ebony and Faded Gray maple fretboard with an ebony “Ravens in Flight” inlay, Raven headstock veneer and Raven’s Heart high-gloss nitro finish, all of which were inspired by the unique story of the guitar’s maple top.

Only 60 “Graveyard II” models will be made available worldwide. 

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PRS Announces New McCarty 594 “Graveyard II” Limited Edition Guitar
Source: Guitar Player