Oct 072015

BIAS Distortion
Positive Grid recently released BIAS FX which is the perfect compliment to BIAS Amp as it contains a plethora of perfectly modelled stomp and rack effects to use for recording or performing. In true Positive Grid style they have taken this idea a step further by creating a new product called BIAS Distortion which allows you to create your own distortion pedal by designing the circuit and down to a transistors level!

BIAS Distortion also includes the ability to tone match any real life analog distortion pedal which is an awesome idea as hopefully you will be able to download tones from other users which means you get access to the sounds of a huge range of expensive stomp boxes, woo! Of course you will also be able to integrate BIAS Distortion with BIAS FX dual signal chains, and seamlessly transfer distortion pedal creations between iPad and Mac/Win devices.

To sign up for the beta testing program head over to http://www.positivegrid.com/bias-pedal/.

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Positive Grid Announces BIAS Distortion Beta Program
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