Jan 302017

Politics and Gear – Never shall the two meet. That’s what I usually like to say here on the site. This blog is not the blog for discussing politics. But today, I wanted to touch upon it slightly. Please bear with me.

Politics and GearFor most of the month of January, I’ve been taking a Facebook hiatus. Which is especially hard since I still have to maintain the Effects Bay Facebook Page, but I’ve been avoiding my feed and resisting the urge to view profiles, respond to likes, mentions or tags. And for good reason. I’m not sure if you feel the same way – I don’t care about your political leaning, and I don’t want to talk about mine – but it can be exhausting.

Facebook in the past was a good mix of funny, family, politics, music and gear. Posts that made me reflect, posts that made me angry (or just annoyed) or posts that would totally hilarious. Those days seem to be over. Post after post after post are about politics, political views, real news, fake news. I understand taking positions. This is important. I have my stances. I have my beliefs. I gather my information from various sources and I’m still very much in touch with the events of our nation and of the world. But lately, I feel exhausted.

What has helped me get through this.. is what keeps me going here. Gear. It sounds pretty stupid, but gear talk, is fun talk. It’s nice to talk to gear. It’s nice to see people (all people) get excited about things together. Being at NAMM and talking to various friends/strangers from all parts of the world, got me thinking. It’s easy to be trapped with tunnel vision, so I’m glad we have gear to talk about.

So, I wanted to thank you guys that read this blog. Those of you that comment, or send me emails or comment on EB FB page. Thanks for making it a fun place for me as well.

I don’t know why, but I wanted to get that off my chest. Let me know how you feel by commenting below! Thanks!

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Politics and Gear
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