Dec 012015

Pladask Elektrisk Gjengangar Give Away was an interesting give away for me personally. There have been a few give aways where it was brutally painful to give up the pedal. So many great builders out there building amazing pedals out there. The Pladask Elektrisk’s Gjengangar gated delay was one of those pedals for me. In fact, before the give away was finished, I actually contacted them and purchased one for myself. That’s how much I liked this pedal – AMAZING. For pedals to really turn me on like this.. it needs to inspire me. The Gjengangar immediately inspired me to write new parts / ideas of songs.

The give away was a complete success with a ton of entries, and these guys really do deserve a close look, so check out their website and follow them on Facebook to keep up with new products they’ll be releasing.

When I do these give aways, I’m always hoping the winner sends me a photo of themselves with the prize, and Gerhard from Minneapolis, MN was kind enough to do so. Check it:

Pladask Elektrisk’s Gjengangar Give Away WinnerThis is what Gerhard had to say about the Gjengangar …

 Happy Gjengangar Owner here!!

Here I am, with my new favorite experimental tool, the Pladask Electrisk Gjengangar.  I am really impressed with the creative possibilities of this delay unit!  I especially like the loop feature.  I have found that running my Eventide Pitchfactor in the loop with a lot of repeats creates some phenomenal blooming soundscapes with ever-increasing complexities.

Thank you to Effects Bay and to Pladask Electrisk for this exceptional pedal!

Check out my original band, Made for Giants:

Gerhard, I’m glad you’re liking the pedal!!!

I’ll be announcing a new give away in the very near future, so be sure to keep an eye on this page or better yet.. subscribe to our mailing list!

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Pladask Elektrisk’s Gjengangar Give Away Winner
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