Aug 172017

A good friend of mine got some great access when he went to see The Who last year. That access included getting some amazing shots of Pete Townshend’s gear. To say Pete Townshend is a legend is an understatement, and I was curious what he was running (I was assuming guitar, cable and amp – I was close).

Pete uses a variety of Pete Cornish tools – a very simple integrated pedalboard showing Echo / Tempo / Drive / Comp. You can easily see the Echo is the T-Rex Replica Delay. According to, the Drive is a Boss OD-1 Overdrive and the Comp is the Demeter Comp-1 Opto-Compulator. The FAT and VIB controller is for his Fender Vibro-King amp.

He is also running a Pete Cornish AC Powered 3 Way Split box for his amps.

Check it out!

Pete Townshend - The Who

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Pete Townshend – The Who
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