Nov 092015

Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos on Pedals and EffectsOh… I’m starting to really like these Pedal Tricks episodes put on by Brilliant move Reverb… brilliant. Nick Reinhart is a guitarist that I’ve talked about several times on this blog. Talk about an innovative and creative guitarist with a very unorthodox way of manipulating sounds. People have been talking about his pedalboard(s) for years. He’s been known to use the lesser popular/older pedals – DOD, Digitech, etc. to generate his tones, but lately he’s been dipping more and more into the boutique world of pedals, which makes total sense with how a few of these companies (ie: Earthquaker Devices) create pedals with interesting features and options.

Nick Reinhart is mostly known as the guitarist in Tera Melos, but lately he’s been doing a lot of with Juan Alderete of Pedals And Effects, which is another great site that you should have bookmarked and visit often. Without further ado, check this out:

Pedals featured in this video :

Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine
Earthquaker Devices Tentacle
Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander
Earthquaker Devices Organizer

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Pedal Tricks with Nick Reinhart
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