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Today’s Pedal Line Friday submission is from Steve Miljkovic . If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 8/5 - Steve Miljkovic

Hey there,

my name is Steve and I’m the “Wizard of OZ” at Pedals Fusion. We’re making pedal effects demos combining two or more pedals and yes we like to experiment with them like all PEDAL NERDS 😉

This pedalboard is made for our experimental videos but because of the nature of our work it probably will not stay long like this. Still here’s the signal chain and what I like about each pedal.


ZVEX Fat Fuzz Factory – Manipulation with oscillation for this device is the main reason why I love this pedal. Germanium fuzz like to be first in a chain.

Darkglass Electronics DUALITY fuzz – Two bad ass type of fuzz in one box.Perfect for solos.

Dwarfcraft Devices Wizard of Pitch – Dwarfcraft pedals are insane…Wizard is a little bit noisy but I don’t mind. Pitch shifters are very useful if you know how to use them.

ZVEX Super Ringtone – Pedal from period when Joel Korte from Chase Bliss Audio was working at Zvex – it’s a monster pedal ! You can get much more than just ring bells & oscillations…16 steps sequencer of ANYTHING is cool enough, but as you may know ring mod can produce vibe, tremolo and other variations.

Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl mk2 analog vibrato/chorus – This isultimate modulation pedal, but still I like to use square wave vibrato setting

Subdecay QUASAR DLX phaser – It’s too bad this thing is out of production. It has everything you need from a phaser and much more. I like to set it on 8 stage with slow sweep for vocal sounds. 8 or 16 steps (sample and hold)

EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine – It’s not one trick pony…get over it. Wizard sound is cool but I use it like a “dark chorus” with Magic knob on 3

EarthQuaker Devices Arpanoid – This is an instrument by itself. Many ways to use it. It can sound synthish, but if you slow down Wet, Steps & Rate you can tame the beast.

BOSS Slicer SL-20 – Underrated pedal…I can see my buddy from rhythm section with bunch of patterns. Someone will say it’s a synthish tremolo but it has 4 sec looper too !

BOSS SYB-5 bass synth – I just love HOLD function on Boss pedals, very useful thing. This pedal sound good with guitar and you can make impressive & musical sounds

BOSS PS-3 pitch shifter/delay – Another classic.Tracking isn’t perfect and it doesn’t have to be. Effects in this pedal are amazing: shimmer or falling repeats on delay are my favorite.There’s also pitch shifted sound

Moog MF Flange – Analog flangers are quiet. This one can be used as a phaser too. If you increase Feedback and Depth be prepared for noisy oscillation.

Red Panda RASTER delay – Regular delay,reverse delay, octave up/down option and if you use it with expression pedal Raster is a killer pedal. Try to put Delay on low and Feedback around 3 and you can produce flanger/chorus type of sounds.

TC Electronic T2 reverb – TonePrint abillity is the key for this one, so you can make “you own signature reverb tone” or just use any from a bunch that TC offers you. Other mode are very special, modulated and interesting.

TC Electronic Ditto looper – It’s easy to use,it’s small and sound quality is perfect.

Patch cables: GEORGE L’s
good quality

Pedaltrain NOVO 24

Power supply:

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Pedal Line Friday – 8/5 – Steve Miljkovic
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