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Today’s Pedal Line Friday submission is from Bryan Almaguer. If you have a pedal line (doesn’t have to be in a board) for your rig, please email me a photo, bio, description of pedals and routing to pedalline@nulleffectsbay.com. Every Friday I’ll showcase a pedal line submission. Make sure you include any links to your band or music page.

Pedal Line Friday - 1/29 - Bryan Almaguer

Hello guys!

Here is my submission for Pedal Line Friday.

This pedalboard is setup up on a PedalTrain PT-3 with hard shell case & wheels. The goal from the beginning was to squeeze as much firepower and flexibility as possible into a relatively compact and stage friendly sized board. At the heart of things is a GigRig G2 switcher. It allows for MIDI presets, it switches all pedals (via 10 isolated loops) and the amp I choose (Mesa Royal Atlantic or EVH 5153). Underneath the board is a Voodoo Labs PP2 Plus and Digital power supplies, and a X2 XD95 wireless transmitter.

The signal chain is as follows. From the wireless to the Xotic XW-1 wah, and then into the G2. This way if I choose to use a cable, I simply plug into the wah. The TC Polytune Mini has its own tuner out from the G2. Loop 1 is the Xotic SP Compressor, Loop 2 is the ‘pre’ effects of the Eventide H9. Loop 3 is the Strymon Mobius (all my fave swooshy effects that I typically prefer in front of the amp). Loop 4 is the Suhr Koko boost, which does amazing things to punch the front of tube amps. Loop 5 is the Suhr Riot, a great distortion box that sounds like a modded Marshall. I only use it when I’m using a loaner amp and run it into the clean channel. Loops 6 & 7 are unused. Loop 8 is used for the 4 cable method. Loop 9 is the Strymon Timeline and Loop 10 is also the Eventide H9 for ‘post’ effects. Loop 9 &10 are routed in the amps effects loop for various delays, reverbs and ambient sounds. All of the G2 and amp connections are routed to a 5 input patchbay (GigRig Cinco Cinco) underneath the tuner. This allows for super quick connections at a show using a custom cable snake I made to go from board to amp. Also, I can jumper two of the inputs and run the entire board into the front of a loaner (clean) amp and use the Riot as my main rhythm crunch. The GigRig allows me to also create a dedicated volume/solo boost without using a separate pedal. To the right of the G2 is a small bank switch made by Bright Onion in England. The T-Rex is there to be used as an alternate drive to the Suhr Riot if needed. After the G2 and at the end of the signal chain is a TC Electronic Ditto Looper (for practice only) and a Mooer Noise Killer that I rarely need to use, only when running on the noisiest pub power.

That’s my rig in a nutshell. I play guitar in two South Bend Indiana based bands. Praise The Fallen, and In Crimson. Also, I play bass in a band called Arson Radio. Check us out!


Best Regards,
Bryan Almaguer

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Pedal Line Friday – 1/29 – Bryan Almaguer
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