Apr 112017

I’ve been really interested in mini pedals lately. The bottom line, the quality is getting really great. It’s hard to beat the small footprint to save the valuable pedalboard real estate. And finally, the price is usually really great as well. To me, the number one benefit is the footprint.

Outlaw Effects Rocker BoxI’ve been checking out Outlaw Effects for a couple of years now, and I’m always impressed. They were kind enough to send over Outlaw Effects Rocker Box. The Rocker Box is tremolo effect. Now, tremolo is a great effect in a mini enclosure. It’s one of those effects that are great for certain parts, but generally used at a fairly low percentage (obviously depending on the situation – you may use it all the time). So if I have a pedal on the board that I use on a song or two – why should it eat up large part of my board space?

My first test with the Outlaw Effects Rocker Box was to see if there was a volume drop when engaged. That is a very common issue with tremolos. No drop at all, and the signal is very clean and transparent. The Rocker Box has 3 simple controls. Speed is a large knob with 2 additional small knobs – Depth and Bias. Depth is what you expect, how deep does the tremolo effect go with the volume swell. Now, Bias – is something I thought was cool. Basically, it manages the ‘slope’ of the depth. You can set to gradually get to the depth, or drop sharp. Very cool.

I was very impressed with the Outlaw Effects Rocker Box. If you’re looking for a solid tremolo with tiny footprint, it’s hard to go wrong with the Rocker Box. Now, where things get a bit cooler.. the price. The Outlaw Effects Rocker Box is available on Amazon right now for a fantastic price of $42.63. Seriously, that is a great price for this!

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Outlaw Effects Rocker Box
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