Nov 042015

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Post written by: Ben Greener

New Vox Valvetronix Amps Launched

Vox’s Valvetronix line has always been one of the most popular series of practice amps used by musicians of all levels. It has been a few years since the last update and now that DSP chips have come so far and the software is ready Vox have announced the latest generation of amps. They sound better and are easier to control than any previous generation.

One of the coolest tools for these amps is the software that it comes with. With the Tone Room Editor you can dig in deep to your rig and modify it creating your own amp sound that can be saved directly to the amp. The Librarian software then lets you share and download what others have made so you can grab some of the best tones available for the Valvetronix.

On top of that they have introduced a wide range of new amp and effects models that you can access and with the all new modelling engine they sound closer to the real thing than ever before.

With the VT20X, VT40X and VT100X models available to ship now no matter if you want to go big or small there is a new amplifier that will cover all of your home and studio needs.

The Amps

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New Vox Valvetronix Amps Launched
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