Oct 212015

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Post written by: Ben Greener

New Tone City Pedals Now Available!

Tone City are known for producing some of the best value pedals in the world selling at prices others thought impossible. Now they are creating even better value with their new Model range of pedals that are based on some of the worlds most popular amplifiers.

Each of these dual footswitch pedals have at least 2 modes of operation that will go from smooth crunch to high gain. But the different tone characteristics and features of each pedal gives them a completely different sound and usage scenario.

While Tone City will not say where their inspiration for each of the pedals come from the names can certainly give some strong hints of what the pedals might sound like. You know that with something like the Model M you will be getting classic British rock tones while with the Model S or E you will be looking at heavily saturated American style tone.

The best part of it though is that even though these pedals are much more in depth when compared to their smaller micro pedal series they come in at just £79.99! That is less than most other pedal companies charge for their budget models and you are getting a premium two mode setup. What is there not to love about that.

The Pedals

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New Tone City Pedals Now Available!
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