Aug 212015

Press Release

Source: Warner Bros Records, Inc.

pono_music-500x342PonoMusic, the High-Resolution music company founded by Neil Young, presents a revolutionary breakthrough to music sales.

The PonoPromise:

Any album purchased from, regardless of its resolution, will be upgraded FREE if a Higher Resolution version becomes available. PonoMusic is the first and only music store offering this feature.

PonoMusic, the world’s only Hi-Res Music ecosystem with a Hi-Res music store and portable Hi-Res player, has become the fastest growing High-Resolution music store since its introduction in January of this year, with over 2.5 million tracks of high-quality music ranging in resolution from 44.1/16bit to 192/24 bit.

With interest in High-Resolution music growing, an increasing amount of the music is being released and then reissued by the record labels at higher resolutions. That creates a dilemma for consumers. Should they buy the best album resolution available now and worry they might have to re-purchase if it is released at a higher resolution later? The PonoPromise, introduced by Neil Young, solves this problem. Customers can buy PonoMusic knowing they will never have to purchase the same music again.

To be eligible, a customer needs to have made the original album purchase from

The PonoMusic Store will have a list of the upgraded albums as they become available.  To encourage the record companies to accelerate the growth of their High Resolution catalog, PonoMusic will be asking its customers to vote on which albums they’d like to see in Higher Resolution, then Pono will provide that information to the labels on a “Most Requested Upgrades Chart”.

About PonoMusic:

In response to the eroding quality of increasingly compressed music files that lose the feeling of the music, PonoMusic was founded by legendary artist Neil Young with a mission to restore and save music quality so that everyone will have the opportunity to hear and feel what the artist created.

The PonoMusic digital music eco-system consists of:

The PonoMusic Store with the largest selection of Hi-Res albums, the industry lauded PonoPlayer which plays high-resolution files and other formats better than any other portable device, and the thriving PonoCommunity that connects its members to discuss and share all things related to music.







Neil Young Ponomusic Company to Offer Free Upgrades – The Pono Promise
Source: Guitar International Magazine