Jan 252016

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Post written by: Andy Scrimshaw

NAMM 2016 Peavey 6505 Pirahna, Subwoofer & Bass

Peavey are perhaps best known for pleasing little amps with a good value for money/quality balance but they’ve just thrown something really interesting into the musical waters for NAMM 2016. The Pirahna… and yes… it’s got serious bite.

Pirahna 6505

The Pirahna 6505 guitar head is a powerful sounding head that builds on the companies head range and puts out a great sounding 20watt head that’s small enough to take anywhere. Whatever gig you have coming up you could easily keep this in your rig as a main, backup or second head (for an A-B setup).

6505 Subwoofer

To go with the new head Peavey have also put together a new Subwoofer Cab. It’s a solid 300 watt’s of low end muscle with no complications or compromises. Put these two together and you’ve got the makings of a seriously meaty on stage setup.

Cirrus Bass

Not content enough with these they also announced a new Active bass range. The Cirrus bass, available in 4 wood choices in both 4 and 5 string setups these look great, are solidly built and based on a classic set of blueprints the company recently found in storage. It’s fitted with VFL (vertical flux load) pickups which are period accurate.

We are hoping to have more info on the basses soon and the had and cab should be just around the corner.

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NAMM 2016 Peavey 6505 Pirahna, Subwoofer & Bass
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