Jan 242016

mxr reverb
I like it when a manufacturer creates a product without resorting to crazy titles to describe their pedals, the MXR Reverb is a great example of a straight up, no nonsense, does what it says on the tin pedal. Except of course it does far more than just a single reverb it has 6 different types of Reverb backed in which you can select at the push of a (Tone) knob.

The MXR Reverb retains their signature simple three-knob setup and a hi-fi analog dry path with a massive 20 volts of headroom thanks to Constant Headroom Technology™. To step through the different reverb types just push the tone knob and the LED next to the selected effect illuminates.

Watch the video below from NAMM 2016 where Brian Kehoe gives an overview of the MXR Reverb pedal hooked up to an external expression pedal for added versatility:


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NAMM 2016: MXR Reverb Pedal With 6 Reverb Types
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