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Post written by: Ben Greener

NAMM 2016: Morgan Release Pedals and New Iso Cab

Morgan make an incredible range of low to medium wattage clean and crunch amps. These are some of the kings of simple American, country tone that are loved by real gigging musicians all over. Now for 2016 they have got not only a new isolation cabinet but also some amazing new pedals meant to perfectly compliment their amazing clean amps.

New Pedals

The first of the pedals Morgan have made is a fuzz that is not really a fuzz at all. We often call the tone of old cranked 100w amps quite fuzzy but that is not what modern fuzz gives you. If you love the idea of a classic 60′s fuzz but with the response of a real amplifier this is something you need to check out.

The next is a noisy as hell tonebender like circuit that is filled with an insane amount of distiortion that will take even the cleanest of Morgan amps into feedback and sustain heaven.

Morgan’s overdrive pedal is beautiful mid gain overdrive that hits the amp in the perfect way for blues and rock styles. If you like your overdrive responsive, smooth and still to sound like your amp then this an incredible choice.

Iso Cabinet

Quite a few years ago many brands were producing these things called isolation cabinets. The idea is that these soundproof boxes contain a 12″ speaker and a place to hold you mic. With this you can then crank your amp with little noise in the actual room. Meaning no more on  stage rumble and you can now get your tone whenever you want without annoying anyone nearby.

Sadly they may have come to soon as it was only in recent years that we saw the renaisance of the low to mid powered amplifier where these isolation cabinets shine. Morgan saw this and have made probably the best designed iso cab yet as you can remove the isolation section. So you now need to buy 1 cabinet for both live and studio use and you can choose when you want to use it isolated or not.


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NAMM 2016: Morgan Release Pedals and New Iso Cab
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