Jan 262016

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Post written by: Andy Scrimshaw

NAMM 2016 Logjam pedals

One of the more esoteric yet fascinating products in our pedal lineup is the aptly named Logjam pedal. For NAMM 2016 Logjam have further extended the range to include 3 new items.

Lets take a look:

Logjam Logarhythm 4

The Logarhythm 4 has been designed to give maximum output in a neat and compact unit. It retains the low radius (curve) of the Mk3 model but with a repositioned chamber so that the capsule is nearer to the player’s foot and angled up towards the point of impact. It takes up less room without compromising on sound.

Logjam Microlog 2

Designed to fit neatly into a pedal-board this pocket-sized doesn’t have a pocket-sized sound as it’s built to precisely the same quality as all its bigger brothers. Now you can have a solid log tone wherever you play.

Logjam Travelog 2

Made to the same high standard as the Logarhythm 4, The Travelog 2 has a greatly improved output compared with the original unit owing to the modified chamber and capsule position. Weighing in at a mere 350 grams the Travelog 2 is a handy travel companion and will easily fit into the accessories compartment of an average size guitar case

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NAMM 2016 Logjam pedals
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