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Post written by: Andy Scrimshaw

NAMM 2016: Lester Rotary Emulators from EHX

Electro Harmonix have distilled the essence of a classic cab used by the likes of Clapton, Hendrix and Harrison into a pedal you can keep with you at all times.

The Lester G and K are rotary cab emulator pedals you can use with guitars, or keyboards to get some really interesting echo and reverb tones that add a lot of new flavour to your gig rig. You can even control the speed using an expression pedal for total control.

The Lester G

This is a very flexible pedal with a lot of tonal options to choose form. Everything from Nirvana style grunge to early Hendrix funky blues, with a built in compressor and drive you can tweak that exact sound you have in your head or just play around till something new and exciting clicks.

The Lester K

Designed to be a stripped down version of its bigger brother the K is aimed squarely at keyboard players but wont disappoint on guitar boards. It’s missing the compressor but you can easily link it to your existing comp pedal for all the tight, biting sound you want.

Check out the videos EHX have put together for a taste of the tones you can get out of these pedals.

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NAMM 2016: Lester Rotary Emulators from EHX
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