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NAMM 2016: Friedman Show Off New Amps, New Pedals

Friedman make some of the greatest high gain amps in the world. There is a reason that artists like Phil X and Nick Johnston as well as plenty of others choose to use these amps and now Bill Kelliher from Mastadon is joining them with a new signature amp. Joining that amp this year in their 2016 launches is a selection of four new pedals along with pedalboards, power supplies and pedalboard junction boxes.

Bill Kelliher Signature Amp

Still not too many details on this amp available right now. We know it is a three channel amp with a not so clean channel, rhythm and lead. Bill is part of the band Mastadon an extremely heavy metal band that use high gain and powerful riffs to punch holes through your speakers. This need for high gain is the reason behind the 3 channel setup and because they rarely go crystal clean even on the lowest gain settings you still have some crunch.


They have a selection of four pedals available during 2016. The first is the Sir-Compre which is both a compressor and boost box in one. The main goal of the pedal was nice smooth compression but they found that getting a small amount of crunch from it sounds amazing.

The BE-OD is basically an overdrive pedal based on their amazing BE-100 amplifier. The idea is that this run in to a clean amp and completely transforms it in to a stunning, powerful rock and metal machine just like the original amplifier.

Now we are moving on to the tube pedals that Friedman have made. First up is the Fuzz Fiend which is a high gain fuxx pedal with a momentary switch that adds a lot more gain and lets your amp go in to oscilation for crazy noise.

Finally the tube overdrive pedal which is based of Morgan’s Dirty Shirley amplifier. The concept here is a lot of gain in a powerful vintage package…what is not to love about that.

Pedalboards and Power Supplies

All aluminium pedalboards are something that have been around for the while but what separates the Friedman ones is the inbuilt buffer and patch bay on the side of the pedalboard. Not only does this make the whole thing look a lot neater on stage it also makes everything a lot more accessible.

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NAMM 2016: Friedman Show Off New Amps, New Pedals
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