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NAMM 2016: Boss Launch New Waza Amps and Pedals

Waza seems to be the word of the year for Boss at the 2016 NAMM show. Not only are they showing off a couple of new pedals but also their first Waza designed amplifier. Combine this with the announcement of a new small Blues Cube that will look perfect in your practice setup.

Waza Amplifier

There are not many amplifiers that can offer the amount of customisation of the Waza amplifier. Using Roland’s absolutely amazing Tube Logic circuitry that brings valve like tones to an all solid state amplifier you can achieve an incredibly large range of tones.

Built in to the amplifiers circuitry you have a Tube Logic Tone Capsule that is designed to deliver the perfect high gain metal tones. With 4 channels available you have clean and crunch channels that were designed to fit in a high gain mix and of course 2 channels of high gain madness.

That is not all it does however as you have two different Tone Capsule sockets so you can add even more tones in to the amplifier. It even comes with a Tone Capsule in socket 1 for the signature British Brown sound that was made famous by the amazing Van Halen many years ago.

This four channel tone machine looks to be like a great choice for any level of gigging guitarist who needs a single versatile amplifier to carry them through multiple different styles.

Blues Cube

The Waza Head is not the only new amplifier for 2016 however as Boss have also releases the Blues Cube Hot. A small 30w combo that has all of the tones of the larger Blues Cube models but in a smaller more portable format for those who do mainly studio work or just want to practice at home.

New Pedals

There are three new main pedals launching this year. The BC-1X is a powerful MDP powered bass compressor. The VB-2W is an all analogue remake of the amazingly rate VB-2 Vibrato pedal from the 80′s. And finally there is a vocoder for guitarists. with the V-O1.

Best of all if you wanted to take advantage of all of these it is now easier than ever with the ES-5 effects switcher. This smaller brother to the ES-8 is perfect if you want to simplify the switching on your small to medium sized board.

The Products

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NAMM 2016: Boss Launch New Waza Amps and Pedals
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