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A couple of years ago while playing a show in Bozeman, MT, I met a couple of dudes in a very cool band called As the Crow Flies. What caught my attention immediately was that the singer/guitar player (Mario Miner) and few things that he built. An interesting mic stand, stage light set up and a cigar box guitar. But man, he was ripping on that cigar box guitar.  After the show we both nerded out since I like to build various electronics and was impressed with his skillz.

Miner Glitch Electronics

Since then, we’ve been friends over the interwebs, and he’s now making something that I thought you guys would be into. He started a business called Miner Glitch Electronics and he’s making ammo can amps. Just like you can imagine, they’re an amp built inside .50 caliber ammo cans. He creates a dream catcher grill for the speaker, uses 12 gauge shotgun shell casings for volume/tone and toggle with cover for the on/off switch. He’s recently started adding output jack to power a cabinet.

Here is a recent photo from his instagram account.

Ammo Can AmpI’m not sure about specs and pricing. I think he’ll work with you on both and they’re usually made to order unless there are pre-built units in stock. I would check out the Facebook page and send Mario a message to grab one of these!

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Miner Glitch Electronics – Ammo Can Amps
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