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Midnight Amplification Devices and Ryan AdamsThe relationship with a builder and artist can be a special thing. Some times there collaborations on new and innovative products. Some times it’s a mutual respect of each other and an effort to help each other by advertising and promoting each others’ “brands”. As a builder it’s a big goal to have a major name use and endorse your gear.

This morning, I was a little bummed to read about the issues that Australian based Midnight Amplification Devices is having with Ryan Adams.  Looks like Ryan is using similar graphics from Midnight’s Giant Sound pedal on shirts and selling them at shows. Here is what he said on his Instagram account:

@midnightamplificationdevices I didn’t want to do this, but Ryan Adams has forced my hand. Ryan Adams has directly ripped off my artwork and has continued to sell my work, without permission. Ryan purchased several pedals from Midnight Amplification, including the Giant Sound which includes the artwork in question. Not even a month after him receiving the pedals, my design appears on his shirts…

After numerous phone calls from his manager, multiple emails and even a personal phone call from Ryan himself, they are still selling the shirt with my artwork, without permission.

I’ve been told a lot of lies by them and frankly, I’m surprised that @capitolrecords would want to be associated with someone who clearly doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

I’ve been told that “I should be so lucky” for the exposure Ryan gave me.

I’ve been told that “this was meant to be a tip of the hat to me [midnight]”; which it would have been, was I asked permission FIRST and had been credited… but that is not the case.

I also expected more from Ryan, but upon a quick google search, Ryan is no stranger to drama and bullshit.
The ironic thing is that Ryan posted on IG recently that art should be paid for and that people should buy his record so they can keep making art…

So to cover the cost of a lawyer getting involved and defending my artwork, I’m offering a sale in the web store until 25/12/2016.
Enter the code FUCKRYANADAMS and you’ll receive 25% off anything in store.

Sorry I’ve been absent and busy, but this has given me a lot of headaches and I’m ultimately a one-man show.
Thank you for the continued support, it means the world.

So, it was cool that he liked the pedal.. but not how he handle it later. This, in one hand *could* help Midnight Amplification Devices, but the approach about it.. not very nice. I hope that Adams can fix this. What are your thoughts? Let me know.. comment below!

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Midnight Amplification Devices and Ryan Adams
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