Jan 192016

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Post written by: Ben Greener

Mesa Boogie Launch New John Petrucci Amp!

The Mesa Boogie Mark II C+ is thought of to be one of the best amps they have ever made. With good reason the cleans are stunning, loud and warm while the lead channel responds wonderfully to your playing and goes from a light crunch to insane gain with no problem.

Sadly that amp hasn’t been around for about 30 years now meaning it is extremely hard to find and when you do find one very expensive to buy. So when it came to making John Petrucci his signature model (a long time user of the Mark II C+) they had to base it off of this legendary design.

Essentially upgrading the old amp with more controls, more channels and up to date Mesa Boogie features like the cabclone DI and power scaling this is a legend reborn. 100% usable at home, in the studio and live on stage if you are after one of the worlds greatest rock and metal amps now is the chance to buy.

Want something a bit more flashy than just plain black? Check out the limited edition oxblood finished model that has been hand signed by John Petrucci and Randall Smith the founder of Mesa Boogie. These do come at a premium but you are getting something truly limited in number with a great look.

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Mesa Boogie Launch New John Petrucci Amp!
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