Aug 202015

joe bonamassa MXR FET Driver
MXR have announced a limited edition version of the Joe Bonamassa FET Driver available in Pelham Blue and only 300 will be produced and it will be an exclusive to the Joe Bonamassa online store,

Joe Bonamassa uses this pedal to thicken up his lead tone with musical, amp-like distortion and sustain. “This pedal glued the loose ends of my rig together,” Joe says. “It’s very focused and very fat, and it cuts through without being too bright. That’s a hard sound to achieve.”

Each purchase of the MXR Custom Shop Signature Joe Bonamassa Pelham Blue FET Driver ($169.99) comes with a free T-shirt.

If you prefer the original black version of the pedal with the slightly different layout of controls head over to the MXR site –

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Limited Edition Joe Bonamassa MXR FET Driver
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