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Lightning Boy Audio - The Lightning Boy II Give Away!I love working with the great people at Lightning Boy Audio. We’ve been doing write ups and give aways with them for some time now. I recently received the The Lightning Boy II to check out, and it’s an absolutely great sounding high voltage/tube overdrive. Simple.. and just sounds great! You can read about it here – “Lightning Boy Audio – The Lightning Boy II“. They were kind enough to offer this up as a give away to a lucky Effects Bay reader!

Here are the specs:

A unique creation from Lightning Boy Audio.   The Lightning Boy II offers a distortion sound that is warm, crunchy, punchy and new.  A tone that is distinctly vacuum tube, although exceptionally rare.  It has an immense amount of driving capability.  The Lightning Boy II can push your amp to new heights with its 30dB of boost.  For those who want more than a simple volume knob, the Lightning Boy II is expandable thanks to its Sidecar port.  Connect the CH2 Sidecar Module to experience a multi-channel instrument preamp with a beautiful sounding inductor EQ.


  • 1 knob for volume
  • Pre-fixed amount of distortion.
  • Capable of 30dB of boost!
  • 100V B+ internal power provides plenty of headroom for a warm tight distortion with loads of original tube tone!
  • 12AX7 vacuum tube internally mounted for 100% pure vacuum tube signal path.  No transistors!
  • Inert gas voltage regulator tube helps reduce noise and improves tightness of sound.
  • Metal mesh screened side vent for tube cooling.  Orange neon glow of the voltage regulator tube illuminates inside of pedal as seen through the vent port.
  • Pedal is designed to accept a variety of tube substitutes.  So far, it has been tested with 12AU7 (warm clean boost), 12AT7 (bit less distortion, but louder than 12AX7), and 12AY7 (similar volume to 12AX7.  Less gain than 12AX7, but slightly more gain than 12AU7.  Noticeable top-end clarity).
  • Sidecar expansion port for connecting LBA Sidecar Modules to expand the capabilities of The Lightning Boy II.
  • True Bypass
  • Point-to-point wired audio circuitry, just like an old school amp.  Internal high voltage power supply mounted on custom LBA PCB.
  • Paper-in-oil caps in the audio path, just like an old school amp.  A source of this pedals great tone!
  • Designed and hand built in the USA
  • Requires 12V AC (not DC) at 200mA minimum.  $15 for wall wart adapter (North America, Japan only)  or $39 for an LBA low noise power supply that has voltage selector switch for worldwide use.  Some 3rd party multi-pedal power supplies are compatible, such as the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC and T-Rex Fuel Tank.
  • 5-year warranty!


The Lightning Boy Audio – The Lightning Boy II retails for $235, so this is a great opportunity to win this pedal. Additionally, I’m also giving up a pair of 8″ Rattlesnake Cable Company Flex Patch cables, pushing the total retail value of this give away to $255!!!

Lightning Boy Audio – The Lightning Boy II Give Away!!

Now before I get to the give away, I would like to send out a special “thank you” to the awesome dudes at Lightning Boy Audio. Please take a moment to follow Lightning Boy Audio on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

This give away is open to international submissions. US winners will receive the pedal with free shipping, but if you’re selected as the winner AND international, we are asking that you pay for shipping.

Be sure to submit bonus entries after your entry to gain additional opportunities to increase your odds!

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This give away will start today and run until August 17th, 2017 at 11:59PM MST. Don’t miss out on this one, and please help spread the word! We all love free gear, and making these give aways fun and successful for everyone!

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Lightning Boy Audio – The Lightning Boy II Give Away!
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